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Our belief is that product design is the foundation of a successful long term care insurance product, so we designed EssentialLTC* as a stand-alone policy with riders that encompass all the benefits of a Combo product. We also added other forward-thinking features, including:

  • Joint Insured Policy
  • Joint Waiver of Premium
  • Return of Premium
  • Limited Pay Policy Design
  • Level Premium Inflation
  • Cash Surrender Option (available with Return of Premium)
  • Age Nearest Pricing

To further set EssentialLTC above industry product standards and truly meet the needs of the policyholder, we've added exceptional product features including:

Lifetime Benefits Option
The EssentialLTC Lifetime Benefit Option offers a policyholder coverage for the remainder of your client's life.

Limited Payment Options
Single Pay
10 Pay
Lifetime Pay

Return of Premium
Your client can recover premiums paid over the life of the policy upon the death of the insured (last to die with joint policy).

Inflation Protection
Inflation protection options are available to keep your client's policy in line with increases in health care costs.

Reverse Combo (reduce the risk of "use it or lose it")
The Reverse Combo combines return of premium with or without claims offset and an optional surrender feature to protect the premiums your client pays into the policy (so if your client decides to surrender the policy, they would receive up to 80% of the premiums that were paid into the policy minus any claims paid).

Competitive Pricing
Lower the cost of your client's policy and protect both individuals in the household with special pricing for a joint policy or Employer/Association Group pricing.

We want you to succeed and that's why we have implemented efforts to assist you in your sales. We are producing client marketing collateral, providing a consumer website to promote EssentialLTC, offering training and product introduction webinars to provide facts about EssentialLTC, and building a robust agent resource center to give you access to vital information. All of this is designed to help you accomplish your sales goals.

You're important to us. Not only do we want to give you the best product to sell, we want you to be excited to sell it. So we put together an incentive package with high first year commissions, an unlimited earning potential, product training, and more.

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